Serbian-Hungarian coproduction 

director of photography: Jovan Milinov

costumes: Morvai Ibolya

edited by: Aleksandar Komnenović

sound: Aleksandra Stojšin, Beke Tamás

actors: Szilágyi Nándor/Szabadkai Népszínház/, Székely B. Miklós /Budapest/, Kovács Frigyes /Szabadkai Népszínház/, Tóth Anita /Katona József Színház/, Barkó György /Pécs/, Csendes László, Egri Színház, Mercs János Debreceni Csokonai Színház, Dr. Papp Lajos, szívsebész, Pécs, Horváth Csaba, Budapest, Dánielfy Zsolt /Debreceni Csokonai Színház/,  Búza Ákos /Újvidéki Színház/, Vicei Natália /Szabadkai Népszínház/

properties: Boka Gábor, Budapest, Somogyi Győző – Salföld, Nagy Károly – Mór, Zsákai István – Bocskaikert, Miroslav Jovančić-Palics, Viszt György – Göd, Lukács Valéria, Temerin,

music: Szabados György, Mezei Szilárd, Berecz András, Lukács Miklós, Bakos Árpád, Dresch Mihály…

advisor of the director: Mispál Attila,

writed and directed by: Bicskei Zoltán

producers: Arbos-Siniša Bokan, Újvidék, Csincsi Zoltán-LÜMIERE, Budapest,  Hábermann Jenő-FilmArt, Budapest és Kriskó László-LÜMIERE, Budapest 

35 mm color, HD     

time: 112 min.

year: 2016.

Short Summary

It is 1680 – the time of dreamt snow after the Turkish invasion. In the deserted plains of Bácska a living soul cannot be found in a few-days’ walk.

Three former prisoners returning from their Turkish captivity – Long-Legged, Lame and One-Eyed – appear among the crumbling walls of a huge abandoned church without a roof. They are looking for their long lost home.

How to revive a disappeared civilization? What is the survivors’ personal duty? Without a roof, a collapse is inevitable.

The Old Man – a master of ancient knowledge – and his daughter come and with sharing sowing seeds they try to save the community of dispersion. No spiritual leader, no aims. Driven by rapacity, One-Eyed kills the Old Man, rapes his daughter and while looking for the remaining seeds he kills Long-Legged with a sudden anger.

At the end of the film, the survivors need to face with dramatic encounters and special temptations. Their redemption under the leadership of Lame’s young son is the pledge for the future.

About The Director’s Motives

Vajdaság in the XVII century, deserted after the Turkish invasion, is relieved with a real apocalyptic atmosphere; when you “could not find a single soul in a few-day’s walk”. What can people do under these circumstances; where can they begin from when a civilization collapses and there are no roofs, no ceilings, only single humans left to their own devices? But they have to live. What makes us creating a wonderful world and at the same time – till destruction – being wicked with each other? Our film only describes Hungarian people, without other nationalities living in the area in that period, so that all conflicts reflect general human problems – they are not burdened with international relationships and issues. Like a ballad of the plain, like a mourning song of the lowland. Seen with the eyes of ordinary people, who are in a search for redeeming goodness and possible life, because we already know how to die but we still do not know how to live.

writer and director

Zoltán Bicskei

Born in 1958 in Magyarkanizsa, where he also finished primaary school. Later he completed the Secondary School of Visual Arts in Budapest. Between 1976 and 1992 he lived in Újvidék, working as a cultural organizer for the Youth Grandstand of Újvidék; he was a member of the editorial stuff of New Symposium and he was also one of the co-organizers of the Újvidék Jazz Festival. As a graphic asrtist, he designed placards and illustrations for books for Újvidék FORUM, as well as covers for jazz records. Although he keeps drawing regularly, he has not taken part in exhibitions since 1980. Since 1992, he has lived and worked in Magyarkanizsa; in 1995 he established a music festival called Jazz, improvised music – and he was working on that till 2012. Between 2001 and 2009 he was the director of the House of Arts.

He has been the director of the Josef Nadj Regional Creative Workshop since 2009. He has been working with films since 1973. One of his works, Nagyapáti Kukac Péter Goes to Heaven, was awarded the Golden Arena for the best camera in Újvidék and Grand Prix “Szőts István” at the international festival in Lakitelek, Hungary.

Zoltan Bicskei, 00-381-24-875-144,
[email protected]


1973-1987 Film etudes (super 8 mm)

1988 Old Kanizsa (super 8 mm) 24 minutes

1989 Telep (super 8 mm) 20 minutes

1992 Drawings of Dobó Tihamér (16 mm) 32 minutes (filmessay),

1994 Lowland Film (16 mm) 24 minutes (short film)

1995 «…but that enormous sky» (Beta) 62 minutes (co-director with György Szabados)

2000 Nagyapáti Kukac Péter Goes to Heaven (35 mm) – feature film

2003 Lowland Opus (Mini DV), short film, co-director with Attila Iván

2004 Firepath (Mini DV), short film, scriptwriter

2006 Sandglass (35 mm), co-scriptwriter, film based on the works of Danilo Kiš, director: Szabolcs Tolnai

2006 The Beautiful Tisa And Other Things…  (DVD) 11 minutes, (filmessay), scriptwriter

2012 Through Myself (HD) 73 minutes, documentary

2013 A Short Journey with László Kunkovács (HD) 50 minutes, documentary

2016 Month of Dreams (35 mm), 112 minutes, (feature film+TV film) director-scriptwriter


Long-legged: Szilágyi Nándor/Szabadkai Népszínház/

One-eyed: Székely B. Miklós /Budapest/

Lame: Kovács Frigyes /Szabadkai Népszínház/

Girl: Tóth Anita /Katona József Színház/

Old man: Barkó György /Pécs/

King Matthias Corvinus: Csendes László, Egri Színház

King Ladislaus: Mercs János Debreceni Csokonai Színház

King Attila: Dr. Papp Lajos, szívsebész, Pécs

Csöntör, Young man/Shepherd: Horváth Csaba, Budapest

Father Francis: Dánielfy Zsolt /Debreceni Csokonai Színház/

Becse: Búza Ákos /Újvidéki Színház/

Women of the Lame: Vicei Natália /Szabadkai Népszínház/



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+40771116293 – cell phone Romania

[email protected]
36203317112 – cell phone Hungary


Arbos, (Novi Sad, Serbia), Siniša Bokan

Lümiére (Budapest, Hungary), Csincsi Zoltán, Kriskó László

& FilmArt (Budapest, Hungary), Hábermann Jenő

director of photography

Jovan Milinov





Serbian-Hungarian coproduction

director of photography: Jovan Milinov

written and directed by: Bicskei Zoltán

35 mm color, HD

time: 112 min.

year: 2016.